Butterfly Crowns & selling on Ebay

Spring is here and I have been hustling to get some butterflies crown out. So much fun and happiness when I do make an event pretty with butterfly headpieces! These are custom made according to the client's preference. I took pictures when they were just covered in floral tape but their final look has jute rope all over the hoop. I have a lot of purple butterflies left in the shop so if you're having a Spring soiree, floral parties, bridal showers or a gal get together, you can message us on Etsy anytime for these!

Check the Etsy store for updates and news!

Check out my Ebay on things that I am selling! I'm currently spring cleaning and downsizing. So I am selling some of my fashion pieces. Below are some of them and will be blogged as I post and post. Check my store here: giftprincess07.

Mountainous Wandering| VLOG and Photo Ops

Oh viewtiful view! So blessed to live close to the mountains, well like only say 35 minutes to the foot of the mountain. Really love the part when we enter the highway to the top, to see a change from the city to the rugged hills just like that. Since we are in Southwest, the mountains are bit rocky and dry but with spring around the corner, it was actually blooming with a lot of greens! The most I like about it is you can feel a little bit of snow, just a bit so it doesn't blow at you all at once. The weather was perfect, we walked around, strolled, enjoyed climbing on big rocks, hence the photos. I had heels and flats both in the car for pictures and of course walking. I wasn't too cold, like I said it was just right. Cars are zooming by every once in a while but there are so many hiking trails here that are awesome! We didn't hike that day but we plan to in the near future. 

Hubby of course had a lot of experience with hiking, horse riding in canyons and other stuff. I on the other hand is still learning with all these nature stuff and the more I learn the more I love it. Back to the basics is the best it is. We found some historical cafe that we will visit in the future, when I researched it on google, it says they just closed down so not sure if it is open to the public right now. Trekking through these mountains, one must also watch out for big horned sheep and rams - they appear once in a while and Andrew even had a video one afternoon upon encountering one.

I put on my outfit, knowing I had stripes together so I just wore them all at once. The top is actually athletic so it gave me warmth and the hat is a souvenir from Arizona. The skirt of course was made by me. It's Snoopy and Charlie Brown, my favorite cartoon characters. A little bit of quirky for that day, I can't ever forget about wearing something quirky!

Below is a vlog of our adventure. Watch it but I warn you it is a bit dizzying. :) You can visit the same mountains here in Mountain Center, CA. Only took us 2 hours to do everything!

Burlap Upholstered Chair | From Nada To Ta-da!!! Episode 1

When I've gotten this chair, I was already thinking of doing French country styling to it. I was originally thinking of using fabric cotton but I wanted to try my recently bought burlap fabric to work. There is actually a trend with burlap furniture and being that there are so many burlap with prints out there, I decided to go fort it. If you read closely, the fabric even has French words in it! White is my go to color to make my furniture lighter. Any neutral color or even a dark color will complement this as well.

Soy based foam https://goo.gl/vJNCND
Burlap fabric (similar: https://goo.gl/Y2Gf1H)
Spray adhesive https://goo.gl/zKdKVF

1. Trace the seat area onto a plywood base. Saw the base manually or electrically.
2. Using white paint, coat the whole chair with 2 coats of paint. Most paints come with primers mixed with it already. Allow 20 minutes to dry before applying the next coat,
3. Align your foam to the base. I used scrap foams for the gaps. 
4. Spray adhesive to the foam so it won't move around during the next steps.
5. Sandwich batting between foam and burlap layer facing down. Cut fabric around allowing 3-4 inches overlay.
6. Staple one side even and staple then pull the opposite side tightly then staple. Repeat on remaining two sides.
7. Cut excess fabric on edges, then fold on top of each other pulling taut then staple. When all edges are stapled, keep stapling all around. Check to see how it looks on the other side.
8. Use liquid nails or industrial glue to glue it into chair. 

SHOP: Pom Pom Keychains

A cute set of pastel keychains for Spring 2017 has landed on the Gift Princess Design shop. Choose from different cakes along with their soft to touch pom poms and instantly add a sprinkle of eye catching wonder on anything you attach this on. Think of Alice in Wonderland eating cake or Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. This will be a delight to your childlike wonder and keep you on toes with sweetness of life. Their pastel colors are perfect for the up and coming Spring, but don't let it stop you from adorning these during Winter. Make sure you follow my Etsy store and see all the added inventory. 

1940s Inspired Bible Themed Skirt + Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

I have been practicing my hand on circle skirts that will soon be available in my shop. Here is a Bible themed skirt with a tulle skirt underneath for fullness effect. I had a lot of fun putting this look together, simple yet with 1940s style! The flower barrette on my left ear really closed the deal. The circle skirt practicing is for the future products in the Etsy store! I had friends who asked if I know how to make skater skirts so of course I did want a challenge and self-taught myself. To learn, there was wrong measurements with this skirt, I cut the fabric wrong so it was late to re-do it. Then I proceeded and spread the skirt and manually cut a circle for the hem and waist. I had more luck with the tulle skirt because I was getting better. Experience truly is the best teacher of all time. I'm currently obsessed with brooch/lapel pins so I used this cute safety pin adorned with rhinestones to add a bit of sparkle.

George teal top (similar here), Gift Princess Design skirt, Michael Shannon heels

My latest craze and fave product will be this OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid serum - for added moisture! Do apply this before your moisturizer for added nutrients to be absorbed overnight. I'd recommend applying this at night time so when you wake up, you will see the difference and it allows to be fully absorbed without any other exposure. Really loving their latest products and stay tuned for more collaboration reviews from them.

*P.S. I also rejoice because a special friend of mine accepted Christ in her heart. 03/2/2017 11:58 PM, almost 3/3/2017. I have been praying long and endeavored long to talk about the Bible leaving hints here and there for her to pick up. Thank you Lord, the past year and we sowed a saved soul. Praise the Lord!!!

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