Promenade Deck

This is one of my favorite part in the ship. The first time I stepped on it, all kinds of Titanic vibes and "whoa" jaw dropping reactions came into action. It resembles the Titanic setting in the movie so much right when they were all in the deck. I know this one has it differently but still you get that awe inspiring feeling though when you like ships so much and have to compare it to something. This deck is where you can see most of the restaurants and even have a famous coffee shop in it. We had brunch at Chelsea House Chowder and Bar and had the excellent harbor view again, same with our stateroom. 

What I like about the deck is the old world feeling of 1930s, right when The Queen Mary started sailing. I love the wood floors, exposed pipes, rivets and wood accessories. It helps you let in the old times and really you can feel you are staying in an old treasure that is preserved. In the promenade deck you will read a lot of the historical and celebrity figures that stayed in the ship. Like Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite fashion icon. And a lot more. 

Me and hubby matched ourselves with cream to camel colors. With creamy yellow as my maxi skirt lined with polka dots, I match it with his cream colored suit from Ralph Lauren (his favorite brand). I decided to wear a magenta color to contrast my skirt. My faux leather bag is my travel accessory as it can house bulky stuff like cameras, phones and other bits and bobs. One of our motto when we visit the ship is to dress the era, if not close, then still dress close to what it would be like in the history.


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