Mountainous Wandering| VLOG and Photo Ops

Oh viewtiful view! So blessed to live close to the mountains, well like only say 35 minutes to the foot of the mountain. Really love the part when we enter the highway to the top, to see a change from the city to the rugged hills just like that. Since we are in Southwest, the mountains are bit rocky and dry but with spring around the corner, it was actually blooming with a lot of greens! The most I like about it is you can feel a little bit of snow, just a bit so it doesn't blow at you all at once. The weather was perfect, we walked around, strolled, enjoyed climbing on big rocks, hence the photos. I had heels and flats both in the car for pictures and of course walking. I wasn't too cold, like I said it was just right. Cars are zooming by every once in a while but there are so many hiking trails here that are awesome! We didn't hike that day but we plan to in the near future. 

Hubby of course had a lot of experience with hiking, horse riding in canyons and other stuff. I on the other hand is still learning with all these nature stuff and the more I learn the more I love it. Back to the basics is the best it is. We found some historical cafe that we will visit in the future, when I researched it on google, it says they just closed down so not sure if it is open to the public right now. Trekking through these mountains, one must also watch out for big horned sheep and rams - they appear once in a while and Andrew even had a video one afternoon upon encountering one.

I put on my outfit, knowing I had stripes together so I just wore them all at once. The top is actually athletic so it gave me warmth and the hat is a souvenir from Arizona. The skirt of course was made by me. It's Snoopy and Charlie Brown, my favorite cartoon characters. A little bit of quirky for that day, I can't ever forget about wearing something quirky!

Below is a vlog of our adventure. Watch it but I warn you it is a bit dizzying. :) You can visit the same mountains here in Mountain Center, CA. Only took us 2 hours to do everything!


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