Butterfly Crowns & selling on Ebay

Spring is here and I have been hustling to get some butterflies crown out. So much fun and happiness when I do make an event pretty with butterfly headpieces! These are custom made according to the client's preference. I took pictures when they were just covered in floral tape but their final look has jute rope all over the hoop. I have a lot of purple butterflies left in the shop so if you're having a Spring soiree, floral parties, bridal showers or a gal get together, you can message us on Etsy anytime for these!

Check the Etsy store for updates and news!

Check out my Ebay on things that I am selling! I'm currently spring cleaning and downsizing. So I am selling some of my fashion pieces. Below are some of them and will be blogged as I post and post. Check my store here: giftprincess07.


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