Burlap Upholstered Chair | From Nada To Ta-da!!! Episode 1

When I've gotten this chair, I was already thinking of doing French country styling to it. I was originally thinking of using fabric cotton but I wanted to try my recently bought burlap fabric to work. There is actually a trend with burlap furniture and being that there are so many burlap with prints out there, I decided to go fort it. If you read closely, the fabric even has French words in it! White is my go to color to make my furniture lighter. Any neutral color or even a dark color will complement this as well.

Soy based foam https://goo.gl/vJNCND
Burlap fabric (similar: https://goo.gl/Y2Gf1H)
Spray adhesive https://goo.gl/zKdKVF

1. Trace the seat area onto a plywood base. Saw the base manually or electrically.
2. Using white paint, coat the whole chair with 2 coats of paint. Most paints come with primers mixed with it already. Allow 20 minutes to dry before applying the next coat,
3. Align your foam to the base. I used scrap foams for the gaps. 
4. Spray adhesive to the foam so it won't move around during the next steps.
5. Sandwich batting between foam and burlap layer facing down. Cut fabric around allowing 3-4 inches overlay.
6. Staple one side even and staple then pull the opposite side tightly then staple. Repeat on remaining two sides.
7. Cut excess fabric on edges, then fold on top of each other pulling taut then staple. When all edges are stapled, keep stapling all around. Check to see how it looks on the other side.
8. Use liquid nails or industrial glue to glue it into chair. 


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