1940s Inspired Bible Themed Skirt + Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

I have been practicing my hand on circle skirts that will soon be available in my shop. Here is a Bible themed skirt with a tulle skirt underneath for fullness effect. I had a lot of fun putting this look together, simple yet with 1940s style! The flower barrette on my left ear really closed the deal. The circle skirt practicing is for the future products in the Etsy store! I had friends who asked if I know how to make skater skirts so of course I did want a challenge and self-taught myself. To learn, there was wrong measurements with this skirt, I cut the fabric wrong so it was late to re-do it. Then I proceeded and spread the skirt and manually cut a circle for the hem and waist. I had more luck with the tulle skirt because I was getting better. Experience truly is the best teacher of all time. I'm currently obsessed with brooch/lapel pins so I used this cute safety pin adorned with rhinestones to add a bit of sparkle.

George teal top (similar here), Gift Princess Design skirt, Michael Shannon heels

My latest craze and fave product will be this OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid serum - for added moisture! Do apply this before your moisturizer for added nutrients to be absorbed overnight. I'd recommend applying this at night time so when you wake up, you will see the difference and it allows to be fully absorbed without any other exposure. Really loving their latest products and stay tuned for more collaboration reviews from them.

*P.S. I also rejoice because a special friend of mine accepted Christ in her heart. 03/2/2017 11:58 PM, almost 3/3/2017. I have been praying long and endeavored long to talk about the Bible leaving hints here and there for her to pick up. Thank you Lord, the past year and we sowed a saved soul. Praise the Lord!!!


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