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 Welcome one, welcome all to my wonderland of decorative combs!
Pleasure your eyes with sparkly beads to see,
Many a wonders you will see to be,
Make your way to a stony ground,
To a ways above a sleeping mound,
To eternal ways and more will be,
Heavenly triumph in little things to see.
- Gift Princess

You're looking at my collection of both tall and somewhat avante garde and wearable hair combs to spruce up your lush crowns of blonde, brunette and ginger and black hair. I planned to make them from tutorials & books I read but I figured that I want to apply my own aesthetic and technique so I went with wire wrapping them the way I want it. My signature style is wire wrapping beads - because it still looks more cohesive and handmade at the same time imprinting my soul into each and every thing that I create. Check out more varieties here and follow me on Etsy to be updated on my inventory!


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