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For the past weeks, I have encountered and heard some raves from my favorite fashion bloggers about StyleWe. They adorn themselves with beautiful pieces to complete their casual look. Today I decided to see for myself  what the fuss is all about. I head on to party dresses of course to indulge and inspire myself & to see some wow moment. Voila! It didn't disappoint. Their cute party dresses have that instant ahhh-statement feel. Above I've chosen 3 beloved pieces that caught my eyes quickly. I kept in mind to share dresses that embodies my style: tailored, feminine and details that gives a wow. Of course, if you want to wear some non-skirt formal wear, then check out their formal jumpsuit line. The skirt bottom will always have a first place in my heart. I seriously could not wait to wear more for spring when it becomes warmer! Have a blessed hump day.


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