A Rain Surprise!

A rare rain in California is a sweet surprise! It only rained for a bit but last week, but it was mostly gloomy through and through. This was after work and I rejoiced by using my new umbrella. I have waited for a long time to use it and I finally did. Clear dome umbrella is a must have in my closet or any dome umbrella will do. I love the fact that it is dome and protects you and it's clear so you don't lose sight of what's in front of you! It didn't rain so hard to require me to wear rain boots but next time, I will be ready. There is something about rain that feels cozy on a fall season with pumpkin spice latter in your hand - too bad I didn't have one at that moment but instead I have my quirky unicorn clutch in hand. Neat-o! 

Zara sweater, New Look unicorn clutch, All Weather umbrella, ebay butterfly scarf

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Arianna Barbara said...

Hi honey!!! You're so romantic in these photos!!! I couldn't help but notice your amazing unicorn clutch!!! Love it!!!

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