Vintage Bird Print Skirt | Sunday OOTD

Hey look at the sun, it's shining so brightly! Taking advantage of it in a natural setting lets all kinds of bliss for me especially when I wear rosy hues. A lot happened these few weeks with all our travels and as I know more of my creative style, I am convinced to collect more printed skirts than ever. Especially, when they have that 1950s modest vibe. This skirt is what inspired me to make more pleated ones so stay tuned to my Instagram for the upcoming reveal of my crafted skirts. For the most part, I kept my accessories within the rosy rues of pinks and reds. It was a beautiful day to worship God with fellow brethren and we traveled an hour to visit our friend's church to sing and preach! You know that when you dedicate a Sunday to God, you will really feel the peaceful essence He intended to give so that for the whole week you will have peace in your heart, sound mind and good judgement as you face decisions each day according to His will. 

What I'm wearing: White House Black Market top, GUESS necklace, ebay purse, Penny Loves Kenny heels, Forever 21 and Max and Chloe rings


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