Manly Bowtie | Sunday OOTD

It's time for the bowtie man. Basically, hubby's latest style is to sport his bow tie. We actually found this on sale from JC Penney one time when we accidentally just went through the store to get to the parking lot. Well, actually, we were looking for something else and of course like all diligent shoppers do, ends up buying something else. Hehe. But anyway, part of my bucket list is to sew a bow tie for him now that he is obsessed with them. I was thinking of either using this as a guide or downloading a template online. I didn't want to sacrifice this one as a pattern so I might just do the latter. 

I have made a lot of pocket squares and handkerchiefs for him in the past so now I must focus on bow ties. Pocket squares and handkerchiefs are fairly easy to sew. I just sewed on the hems and voila, instant hankies and squares. I didn't worry too much about seams showing since hankies are always hidden and so does pocket squares - all you see is a tiny bit peeking in the pocket. 


Arianna Barbara said...

Wow!!! He's so elegant!!! I love his look!

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