Blue Wisps | Custom Tailored Dress

You read the title right! I'm wearing a beautiful printed dress custom made for my size by our talented seamstress at our church in Philippines. Ever since I was young, she would even make our school uniforms or any rut we have about fashion and such. So blessed to have Nanay Conching in our life! She sews for us and finishes anything within a week, regardless if it's hard or easy.

So while I was on vacation, I picked out some fabrics for her to work on. The first dress which I will share on a later post, is for a wedding I attended in Rancho Palos Verdes and another flowery dress for me to match with my sister and Mom. This is the last dress I could ever insert in my time schedule but was so glad of the print I have chosen. I have decided on a print that could be an everyday dress, office friendly and not too loud so it can either be dressed up or good on it's own. 

I then asked her to make the skirt part skater style since it is a spandex fabric to give flare to the dress. The style I was going for is just simple 1950's style with elbow length sleeves so I wouldn't have to add bolero and such. It's like a housewife dress but without the a-line skirt and structure. So I paired it here with soft pinks and voila, this new daily-wearable dress is now a current favorite of mine. 


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