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If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost.
Zig Ziglar

Happy Wednesday! Oftentimes, we get sucked in the monotony of life that sometimes we forget to cherish what is in our life. So take your time after work, spend quality time with your loved one. Forget video games, tablets, internet browsing and whatnots. Look around you, for the moments you'll miss will be forever gone. Go have fun with your other half!

Wearing here.

Dating With Violet | Date Night OOTD

There was a time when I was a kid that I wanted to go to the fictional world of Alice, beyond the looking glass or even so find tiny keys for tiny doors. Find a rabbit who's late for a date, talk to butterflies, battle a jabberwocky and so on and so forth. When I saw these pair of Rue21 shoes in ebay, I freaked out for they are so "Alice in Wonderland" for me. I bid and was so glad that nobody else was too keen on getting it. It was new and never been used.  Paired it with my bag, which looked like it came from Mad Hatter himself (insert wink here). A simple go-to black dress for a casual date night with a simple scarf as a belt - ready to go. Hopefully I don't utter the words, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!"

Sweet Great Sunday!

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
Zig Ziglar

Find what I'm wearing in this blog post and what he's wearing in this other post.

Manly Bowtie | Sunday OOTD

It's time for the bowtie man. Basically, hubby's latest style is to sport his bow tie. We actually found this on sale from JC Penney one time when we accidentally just went through the store to get to the parking lot. Well, actually, we were looking for something else and of course like all diligent shoppers do, ends up buying something else. Hehe. But anyway, part of my bucket list is to sew a bow tie for him now that he is obsessed with them. I was thinking of either using this as a guide or downloading a template online. I didn't want to sacrifice this one as a pattern so I might just do the latter. 

I have made a lot of pocket squares and handkerchiefs for him in the past so now I must focus on bow ties. Pocket squares and handkerchiefs are fairly easy to sew. I just sewed on the hems and voila, instant hankies and squares. I didn't worry too much about seams showing since hankies are always hidden and so does pocket squares - all you see is a tiny bit peeking in the pocket. 

Vintage Bird Print Skirt | Sunday OOTD

Hey look at the sun, it's shining so brightly! Taking advantage of it in a natural setting lets all kinds of bliss for me especially when I wear rosy hues. A lot happened these few weeks with all our travels and as I know more of my creative style, I am convinced to collect more printed skirts than ever. Especially, when they have that 1950s modest vibe. This skirt is what inspired me to make more pleated ones so stay tuned to my Instagram for the upcoming reveal of my crafted skirts. For the most part, I kept my accessories within the rosy rues of pinks and reds. It was a beautiful day to worship God with fellow brethren and we traveled an hour to visit our friend's church to sing and preach! You know that when you dedicate a Sunday to God, you will really feel the peaceful essence He intended to give so that for the whole week you will have peace in your heart, sound mind and good judgement as you face decisions each day according to His will. 

What I'm wearing: White House Black Market top, GUESS necklace, ebay purse, Penny Loves Kenny heels, Forever 21 and Max and Chloe rings

Grey Hound | Couple OOTD

My sister gave her hat bag to me because the moment I saw it, I really exclaimed about it's quirkiness so as a gift for my vacay, she immediately gave it to me. Just love the whimsy! Hubby on the other hand had a whimsical sock of jeepney print from my brother as a souvenir gift. Really digging the bright yellow against his contrasting pants. Well the weather has been funny lately but I can't wait for sweater weathers. We are praying fervently for our Floridian and neighboring country friends who has undergone a severe hurricane weather. So if you see this, please say a quick prayer for all them.

Wifey: Armani Exchange top, Von Maur pencil skirt (gifted), Anne Klein heels, gifted from sister crossbody purse (resembles a cute hat)

Hubby: Geox loafers, Tasso Ella button down shirt, Iconic socks

Blues Among Yellows | Couple OOTD

Happy Tuesday! We wish you a colorful second day of the week from us to you! Read my post about my dress on this link.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
- Zig Ziglar

First Days Of Fall | Couple OOTD | Fall 2016

There are so many reasons why I love fall. Among them are the blazing red and orange leaves, cooler breeze, less bugs to bother you, sweater weather, outer coats, maybe even some hot tea or hot chocolate, and just something about pumpkin spice and apple ciders that is homey and comfortable. 

What I'm wearing: Anita petrol dress (ebay link, German brand), BCBGMAXAZRIA blazer, Nine West boots, Sole Society bag, Toppers Originals beret

What he's wearing: Dockers loafers, Eddie Bauer shirt

So for my first days of fall I am celebrating it with this cute hat with corresponding fall flower and brown outer jacket. I'm still stuck to blue, but this dress is a nice flowy chiffon dress! My coat is what I'm loving right now. Hint, hint! Everyday coat it is. It is brown so definitely looking forward to slapping this on some random outfits! Hubby wore his new polo shirt with multiple pocket style. He said he loved it so much that he'll be wearing it for fall and winter! Finally, we can walk outside more since it's cooler and hubby is much more profusely okay about it. Summer has been difficult and I couldn't get to get him anywhere. Fall is awesome, folks!

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