Pink Spring Coat

Calvin Klein trench coat, Worthington (gifted from a bestfriend) top, Boohoo skirt, Michael Shannon kitten heels, Style Vault ebay sunnies 

June is here! Though the weather maybe triple digits, it still wouldn't stop me from wearing my pink coat. I had to feel like spring somehow. There is that deep tendency inside of me to wish for cooler days still but in the crazy West Coast, it is indeed ripe for summer. My outfit has been a mix of oldies and newbies. I like revisiting my old clothes and loving them by matching them with newbies! More saving of money that way!

These weeks have been full of blessing from God and full of busy ministry. Everyday has been always and is a blessing, the way God provides and for me and hubby to be a vessel of encouragement to other people. I know my blog is about pretty things in life but it is because of God's saving grace that I could even do little things like this! So don't worry your life away and give it all to Jesus - shattered dreams, wounded hearts and broken toys. Only Jesus can turn your sorrow into joy. 


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