Aspen Glen Picnic | Relaxing With God, Barbecue, Hike and Smores

After our Big Bear Lake gallivanting, we headed for our peaceful Sunday service in the woods. We are dinner first with the barbecue we brought with us. It was a very quiet and calming picnic ground. Something with mountainous areas really makes it more closer to God and to appreciate the nature around us. It's been a while since we did some camping activities and so I chose to do this on my birthday. Just to have an escape from daily city grind. The mountains served as a very good choice as we enjoy the swinging trees from the breeze, chippy squirrels passing by us, harmonious melodies from birds, the occasional swish of a passing by bikers, laughter from fellow campers and hikers and just the cool breeze of the mountain so fresh I really did take advantage of it. Hubby had an accidental event but thankfully it was nothing too serious. We had to leave before sundown but we promised ourselves that we will be back definitely. Thank you Lord for this wonderful birthday.

What I'm wearing: Michael Kors dress, Runway On A Dime necklace
Hubby: Nike Golf jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren pants

Big Bear Lake | Sight Seeing, Travel & Fun

This is our very first trip to Big Bear Lake. We totally didn't have any idea where to go so we simply typed in our GPS an address we saw online. I have been to this area before but I simply confused Lake Arrowhead with Big Bear! I thought it will only take us 30 minutes in total but actually, our GPS took us right to the city of Big Bear Lake which is even more fascinating. 

Michael Kors dress, GUESS boots
Hubby: USPA shirt

Even if our trip took 3 hours to complete, it was so fun to reach the end of the highway and discover a whole new world out here. A small town city full of life and adventure. It feels light years away from the city grind. We didn't get to take a lot of pictures but we will be back. Our main goal was to reach a picnic ground to barbecue and relax. That will be in the next post. Meanwhile, follow me in Instagram for the latest post and updates!

Geo Blue | Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden

Oh what a birthday weekend! But these pictures were pre-birthday events really. We went gazing on a sculptural garden (Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden in Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert) with magnificent falls that gives peace and quiet. It is utterly beautiful this garden in the middle of city life. The path is paved with glittering blue stones, atmosphere has that eclectic desert taste, spunky cacti and concrete winding pathways. It is a nice little oasis beyond the noisy road but the waterfalls seems to die them out. Enjoyed this mini event we did, for that night we had to pack for our real weekend getaway to the mountains! Also thankful for dear friends that remembered my birthday. 

Tart dress, Naturalizer kitty heels, ebay purse

COMING UP: Birthday Weekend!!!!!

It's that time of the year again! I might be busy but I will be filling in my Insta for photos. Then will blog later alligator. Here are photos from Saturday, pre-birthday celebration at an eclectic sculpture garden. I bid you all a lovely long weekend to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. I know, because that's what we are planning to do! Happy birthday to me and to you June 12 babies!!! Woo-hoo!!!

By The Pool!

Here I am embracing the triple digit weather! Anymore fun way than to be beside the pool - I actually went swimming after this! The dress I'm wearing was a gold find during Goodwill's Memorial Day sale for half off. Even a random kind customer told me that the color suit me well so I was sold. It's stretchy, breezy and perfect with it's aquamarine color for summer. I decided to pair it with the flamingo scarf for that ultimate summer scarf vibe and played with my salmon shoes to match the flamingos. Easy like everyday mornings, this dress is quite a favorite of mine already. Enjoy the weather dearies!!!

Adriana Papell dress, Nicole Ray flamingo scarf, Glaze heels

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