DIY Macaron Felt Kawaii Plushies/Stressballs Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

Hello kawaii lovers. Today I present to you a new DIY you can follow in my Youtube channel. This is for the trending kawaii fandom that originates from Japan where you can make anything cute! There are literally thousands of tutorials on Youtube and this is my take using felt fabric. Every little bit is felt!

•Felt fabric
•Sewing needle
•Coordinating color threads
•Template for circle - preferably lids of household items like cans and jars
•Fabric scissors
•Fabric glue (optional)
•Polyester stuffing

Follow my video for all the steps I did. It is a talk through tutorial (something different) and because I lost all my data in our other laptop, I'm slowly transitioning with the editing but please be patient, I want to do more quality videos in the future! After you're done watching, enter the giveaway on my Youtube channel!


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