Dapper Accessories: Givenchy Necktie | Hubby Takes Over

Recently, I gifted my hubby with a Givenchy tie. He loves it so much because of its lively print that he has been using it on a regular basis. With its variety of color, it easy to do different colored button down shirts and pants with it. Hubby likes to pair them accordingly with pocket squares of the same hue or a good surprise color like this red. This Moda Italia shirt he's wearing has a cuff link ready sleeve. The cuff links he's wearing are of a polished mirror stainless look. The necktie clip is just a simple clip and because of its metallic features can be used over and over again with different ties. Hubby achieved the look of textured dapper accessories just by mixing and keeping true to colors. Below are the links to accessories and where I bought it from.


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