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Aura Apotheca offers natural organic and vegan skin care & hair care products readily available in their Etsy store. Today I will be reviewing their deodorant and lip salve of which I won from their Instagram giveaway. 

Update from their shop: We have FREE SHIPPING for the MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON on All Orders. Enter Etsy code = BEFREE. 

Tadasana Mineral Deodorant:  The deodorant is in a 2 fl. oz. / 60 ml spray bottle which makes it easier to use for everyday especially when you're in a hurry. The smell is pleasant -  a bit strong which is good and I prefer it that way. High notes are citrus, grapefruit and witch hazel aroma. The deodorant lasted for up to 6 hours (indoors) with one spritz. Tip is to hold it 4-6 inches away to cover underarm area in one spritz - once is enough as I have observed. But you can use it multiple times as needed when doing outdoor activities. 

Lip Salve: The 0.25 oz. lip salve is in a tin container perfect to store in your cosmetic bag on the go. It gives a nice sheen to the lips with all the essential oils packed within it. Hydrates my dry lips very nicely and it has enough to last you for a long time. A little swipe with the finger yields enough to cover up your lips. It has a pleasant organic scent and is flavorless.

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