Magnolia Brook Glass Coffee Table

We are loving our glass coffee table from Magnolia Brook! Even then, I have been a lover of glass - example is our glass dining table that looks similar to this. So when Magnolia held a contest, I joined in a heartbeat! It is a perfect size for our house since I only want a smaller coffee table and maybe spread a lot of ottomans around the living room. So much smaller than our bulky one and still has storage underneath for more things to fit into. Alhtough for now we are leaving it empty. The main components that I love about it is the sleek glass on top and silver accents on the side. The fact that it matches our dining glass table makes it even more wonderful! Check out our opening video (to be updated in this post when uploaded) from Youtube for our fun candid unboxing and assembling of thins coffee table!

Check out Magnolia Brook for more design inspirations and loveliness to add to your home.


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