HOTELS.COM Review | Anniversary Trip To Phoenix, AZ

A quick review and recap of what happened last weekend! We booked using Hotels.Com on Friday for last minute planning so we intend to just use any kinds of room to sleep in since we will be leaving the next day. So we searched for budget rooms in Phoenix for 1 night, paid and headed off for a 4 hour journey. We left around 6:30 pm and arrived somewhat past 11pm and when we got to our destined hotel only to find out that booked us on an already booked room according to the hotel so he led us to another hotel and we arrived there only to see more people trying to check in. Frustrated, tired and angry we stayed in the car to fix things so hubby called Hotels.Com to clear everything out and voice our woe. The customer service operator was really nice and apologetic. Right then, we just asked them to re-book us to any room for we are really tired from travelling and have to wake up early for church service. He did everything he could and had us on hold for a couple of times. The entire conversation was really courteous and he finally got us a room at Extended Stay America's Inn for the same price that we paid, no extra costs at all. We were like all excited for it is a better room and actually pricier (599.99 per whole day!) than what we paid. It is a studio with a King sized bed, and a kitchenette! We really loved the help they did in fixing their error and to that we commend their service. We finally arrived there at 1am and just plopped and slept already after reading our nightly devotional. Thank God for every providence we experienced that night!


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