Bedroom Gallery Wall (In Progress) | ETSY Biz

It is always wonderful to meet lovely small business with a big heart for creativity. I love prints and would love to always see them everyday so I'm keeping them in my bedroom. No frames yet so thumb tacks are the easy cure until I can venture into thrift store and shop to my heart's content. 

"She leaves a little sparkle wherver she goes" print from Triple Sprout Design - she has downloadable and adorable prints ready to be printed. I received mine as a winning! You can use it on a mug, pillow, wall decal and just about anything!

"Make Stuff" print from CSlackDesign - different prints can be found from her website and she has tons of free stuff you can download and use for your screen!

Jewelry Holder from Amerikas Things - she makes vintage inspired and handmade printing into anything. Love her style!


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