4 Year Anniversary in Phoenix, AZ!!!

Hubby: Fioravanti Sport Jacket, Polo Ralph Lauren button down shirt and pants, DIY square pocket, ECCO shoes
Wifey: Banana Republic top, Rena Rowan skirt, Worthington booties, Arizona hat (bought at gas station), unbranded belt

We made a quick escapade to the Western Arizona particularly in Phoenix to have a day off and meet new people at a church nearby. It was a really really sunny day but doesn't stray too far away from what we have here in California. Western Arizona is just 4 hours away from where we live and we decided at the last minute to go. Read our hotel review here on more details of what happened that night. By Sunday night we left for California so hubby could enjoy his Monday day off more and so we just rested so much in those 2 days. Wonderful anniversary but we are planning to be celebrating the whole month anyway.


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