Pillow Talk With Le Beau Grace Designs

Oh you know I'm just here in my happy corner with my new pillow from Le Beau Grace Designs! When I was looking at her etsy products, I was thinking they were a bit small but when my package arrived. It was in a huge box! I was a bit confused as what was inside and when hubby pulled it out, it was the giant printed swan that I won from her. It is so cute, same as the picture and the fabric is durable with a canvas linen material. It is well padded too and the neck can gracefully stand by itself.  just love to cuddle with it. Seriously though, check her out because she makes pillows for accent decors and even nursery rooms. There's other animals or you can ask her to customize one for you. 

Bedroom Gallery Wall (In Progress) | ETSY Biz

It is always wonderful to meet lovely small business with a big heart for creativity. I love prints and would love to always see them everyday so I'm keeping them in my bedroom. No frames yet so thumb tacks are the easy cure until I can venture into thrift store and shop to my heart's content. 

"She leaves a little sparkle wherver she goes" print from Triple Sprout Design - she has downloadable and adorable prints ready to be printed. I received mine as a winning! You can use it on a mug, pillow, wall decal and just about anything!

"Make Stuff" print from CSlackDesign - different prints can be found from her website and she has tons of free stuff you can download and use for your screen!

Jewelry Holder from Amerikas Things - she makes vintage inspired and handmade printing into anything. Love her style!

Magnolia Brook Glass Coffee Table

We are loving our glass coffee table from Magnolia Brook! Even then, I have been a lover of glass - example is our glass dining table that looks similar to this. So when Magnolia held a contest, I joined in a heartbeat! It is a perfect size for our house since I only want a smaller coffee table and maybe spread a lot of ottomans around the living room. So much smaller than our bulky one and still has storage underneath for more things to fit into. Alhtough for now we are leaving it empty. The main components that I love about it is the sleek glass on top and silver accents on the side. The fact that it matches our dining glass table makes it even more wonderful! Check out our opening video (to be updated in this post when uploaded) from Youtube for our fun candid unboxing and assembling of thins coffee table!

Check out Magnolia Brook for more design inspirations and loveliness to add to your home.

Petals On A Stem | OOTD + Flower Review

What I'm wearing: Von Maur top, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Choies skirt, Michael Shannon kitten heels, Petals On A Stem rose bouquet

On a spring-ey mood with my cute box tray of roses from Petals On A Stem Los Angeles. I recently received my winner set from their "tag-your-bestie" giveaway on Instagram. I didn't get to do my photoshoot until after three days after and most of the flowers are still so vibrantly alive! They came in a box with zip tie all over them so during the delivery, they have been blooming already. They smell so nice and so lovely and only one rose has wittered so far. Each flower has a tube filled with water and stuck on floral sponge. I just adore their bright chic pink color so I decided to match it with my light pink top, rose gold necklace, flowery skirt and light pink kitten heels plus a bow belt to finish it up! The tray of roses is so chic, it adds elegance and makes any room nicer. Check them out in Instagram, they're having another Mother's Day giveaway. Enjoy the lovely spring days! 

FRAMED ART Vincent Van Gogh | Unboxing Video + Custom Framing Process | FramedArt.Com

Watch our live unboxing video above!

Framed Art has all the artist's within your fingertips when ordering in their website. Search any kind of artist with their work and they will frame it and customize it for you according to your liking. You can shop by room, style, artist, subject, color or venue. For us, we tend to gravitate towards Claude Monet and Van Gogh and other impressionistic artists. It really is an easy task to work with them with their website's layout, easy options, friendly customer service, interactive customization and reasonable prices. 

Packaging-wise, our painting arrived in a big rectangular sturdy box. It was directly handed to us by the mailman and it was as always priority mail with fragile labels so there is no fear of damaging or package loss. As I have mentioned before, they have excellent customer service as they assure any convenience to you if ever something like that happens. The zip ties hold the painting together tightly and bubble wrap covers the entirety of the painting.

 The painting comes with the ready to use and easy to install brackets and nails. The instructions attached are simple enough to follow whether you would like to use your own hinges and tools. You can choose to either have a frame or unframed canvas art. They have over 40 to choose from as well as mat or glassed finishing. For the framing, I opted for a lightweight slim solid platinum which measures 1 inch wide. You also have the option to retain or remove the border mat - I always choose to remove it for I like the seeing the whole painting in a wholesome sense. The painting also comes with a clear plexiglass or if you want, you can call for a non-glare glass finish. It is easier to clean and protects it longer. Very good investment for your art. 

We chose Vincent Van Gogh's Blossoming Almond Tree, Saint Remy c. 1890 for this year. It was impressive to see up close Van Gogh's work with his flower subject. You can really see the brush strokes blending beautifully with other colors. The blue background looked like he brushed it on. I'm not an expert but I have heard that he mostly smear paint with his hands. FramedArt captured the authenticity of the real painting so it was like having the real deal in your own home. It is indeed a nice addition to our living room which serves as our brightest corner in our house. 

I will be posting more pictures as we progress and continue with our decorating. Check out FramedAt.com and make sure to tell me which one is your favorite! Below is a video of their custom framing process.

Yesteryear | Denim + Maxi + Envelope Clutch

What I'm wearing: Calvin Klein dress, unbranded belt, Liz Claiborne denim jacket, ebay purse, Style Vault (ebay) sunnies, Calvin Klein boots

A lovely day to have a photoshoot eh? And I chose this abandoned hotel as my backdrop. It used to be a famous hotel in its glory days and now it has been untouched for years. I did notice some renovations going on. Hopefully it will be back up soon. My maxi dress is a simple blue linen fabric with a crochet mid upper design. I decided to pair with boots to complete that desert style. A lovely jacket placed on top of shoulders complete the look. And the belt to match the boots with hints of brown. This envelope clutch from ebay is so cute. It is unbranded but nevertheless, I always love a good print. Hubby is not in the picture but he really did a great job snapping these photos. 

Thanks for dropping by again!

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