Office Appointment

"Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have."

Hubby: Fioravanti jacket, Geoffrey Beene button down shirt, Ashworth pants
Wifey: Eyeshadow blazer (Von Maur), Attention dress, Anne Klein heels

What we wore to our government appointment! We decided to match with hints of brown - Andrew's being lightest and me much darker. But we dressed smart casual for my USCIS interview! It was nerve wracking but God helped us out through out. The federal interviewer is a fellow Christian and I'm just so glad that our answers matched up! I wasn't nervous, but for some reason I have mental blocks but in the end I remembered everything - glad that hubby came first because if I was interviewed first, I might have told him more details that hubby would not remember. :P God really provided. :) After that, we took a breather and went walking, relaxing and met up with friends and told them the good news. What a wonderful day. Enjoy and have a lovely holy week and resurrection Sunday!!!



  - Gift Princess


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