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I have been constantly in touch regarding my budgeting especially when shopping. My outfit today is a bit formal but they were all inexpensive! I bought my top and skirt from Aliexpress, a haven for cheap stuff that some fashion bloggers shop too. A tip when starting to shop there is to communicate with sellers in what you want and only shop with the trusted ones. It functions just like ebay, where I saw the same products too. The skirt was okay, the stitching could have been better but I do really love the material. The lining was short and I had to add 3 ribbon trimmings to make it longer & take note that sizes are all Asian based. The top has a stretchy lace sleeves and has double layers on the bodice. I bought the top as a test t see the quality and so far it is good. I paired them with my vintage Lulu Guinness, Anne Klein T-strap and go-to Forever 21 sunnies (because I can't find my other sunnies and I always have this in our car). In the future I will share more of my budget shopping adventures!!! Lovely week to you!!!



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