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Are you the type that loves to redecorate a room according to season? Or design in a thematic manner? How about one who likes to change things around the house as often as they can? Spring cleaning & organizing anyone? I got you covered with my selected examples that will transform your space into endless possibilities. Window treatments are the best option to lend a different fabric to add texture and pose as a gorgeous backdrop. Have you tried doing that? I'm telling you, it makes a great big difference with just one curtain! Here at BeddingInn.com, you can explore different styles - from subtle to even 3D images printed right on the fabric of the curtain! Furthermore, they offer  custom curtain detailing for those who love a personalized one. Check out these custom curtains that they have.

Like me, if you live in a great apartment with a great high ceiling but want to make it even taller, I have a tip for you. A great trick to imitate a taller room is to install the curtain rod higher and use long curtains. Not only will it make a beautiful background but it will make your guest's eyes draw up and make it seem that the ceiling is much taller. A nice heavy fabric will make the advantage of elegance seemingly right for these purposes. After all, you would want to make it homey and elegant at the same time right? Want to make it whimsical and airy for the spring season? Check out their light weight sheer curtains that will surely make it breezy and light to the eyes. It actually reminds me of a summer home with those kind of curtains as well as spring season! By the way, if you are undecided, always go with white or neutrals, from them you can never go wrong. They blend with anything and the lighter the color the wider your space will be as opposed to a darker option which makes any room exceptionally tighter and enclosed.

While you are at it, you can match your curtains with these custom bed in a bag set. Again, you can customize to your own heart's content. Would you like it Star Wars themed for a boy's room? Done. What about Disney Princess style? Done and done. The 3D images make them pop out of the fabric making them interesting and making sleeping a different routine from the usual. Check them out and subscribe to be in for deals, giveaways and sales. They are currently having their March sale for spring season. 

*This post is sponsored by BeddingInn.com


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