Classic Pinstripe Suit: HUBBY OOTD


Be close with someone who makes you happy but be closer with someone who can't be happy without you.

Hubby is wearing a tailored suit from Versini from Men's Wearhouse. Classic pinstripe with matching pants. This is my favorite suit from him. Everytime he wears it, I always want to have a grand photoshoot. It is durable since he bought it a long time ago and still fits like a glove - tailored to his size and taste. Necktie clip is from ebay, brooch is from Christians United For Israel, shirt is from Nordstrom and Platinum Designs necktie.

We're still reeling the weekend away in our minds expecially the Sunday one where we overstayed at church for fellowship and lots of singing!!! Truly grateful to have loving friends who treats you like family all around us. We bid you the same things to happen to you this week. 



  - Gift Princess


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