Romanticize Your Bedroom | Valentines 2016

Wayfair got you covered for Valentine's day. Here are my picks for romanticizing a bedroom - I chose a neutral ground of creams and whites so it won't be too overpowering. One rule of thumb, when you have light colored furniture, it is easy to add colorful decorative accents like red, vibrant pink and even purple for Valentines. Think of how apt a pink or red garland would look like in your bedroom. It is naturally pleasing to the eyes and adds a pop of vibrancy for you and your lambkin. An artwork of color? Yes, bring it on. Decoration is endless & changeable so have fun! I love the mirrored furniture selection they have for Valentine's so I added it too. I can't resist, for me, mirrored furniture offers a sleek and crisp modern feel and it does make any space wider, eclectic and fun! You can add this to almost any kind of theme you got going on, Check out Wayfair's Valentine shop for more inspiration, whimsical decors and creative spark!



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