Awards Season

Awards Season

Tom Ford men's dress shoes

Alexander McQueen men s clothing
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Men's dress pants
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Valentino men s casual shirt
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Men s belt
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Tommy john

Graphite Gray Skinny Solid Color Neckties |

When it comes to award events, a little detail can go a long way by observant audiences all around the world. Timeless and classic, I opted for the black tie theme for this menswear ensemble that will likely be worn by the likes of Alex Pettyfer, Ansel Elgort and Logan Lerman. One can never go wrong with choosing black alexander McQueen tuxedo paired with stark white Valentino button down shirt, and formal dress pants. To tie it all together, a silver cufflink from Gilt with a watch face embellishment is a nice touch for the classy gentleman, a skinny tie to add a subtle image & so as not to cover most of the shirt and a nice leather belt with the silver buckle to match the cuff links will do the trick when accessorizing. The shoes are normally not seen but it polishes the look altogether so a time-honored sleek pair of Tom Ford shoes is a refining choice. A well-dressed person should also be comfortable so a great choice of underwear from Tommy John should be kept in mind. Design and style are fine as long as function is not set aside.


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