How To Keep That Winter Glow

We all know that winter can still deliver some unexpected changes in our system whether we like it or not. Skin breaks, brain mishaps, weight gain, emotional imbalance - just to name a few. Here's a quick breakdown to combat these common side effects and maintain that healthy glow during this season.

1. It's What's Inside That Matters Most

Swanson Vitamins

To exhibit a healthy front, we must take care of what's inside. When our organs are happy and healthy, we will only need minimal maintenance. Enter in our gastrointestinal tract and its friends. I recommend ingesting vitamins that will nourish you throughout the day. My best example for this is the Swanson Vitamin website for easy access in different categories like immune system, cardiovascular, joint and even some holistic food ingredients. 

Daily intake of vitamins is a crucial need. There are two different types, first, are the water soluble vitamin: vitamin that can dissolve in waterWater-soluble vitamins are carried to the body's tissues but are not stored in the body. They are found in plant and animal foods or dietary supplements and must be taken in daily. Vitamin C and members of the vitamin B complex are water-soluble. Second, are the fat-soluble vitamins: Vitamin A, D, E, K, Calcium and Protein.

2. Glowing Skin

Believe it or not, our skin gets dry during winter. Though we don't get sunburn we get winter burn/cold burns so it is also best to protect the largest organ that we have, our skin. These are some links that I recommend for that deep conditioning nourishment we all seek for.

Dermstore carries all renowned and trusted skincare and beauty products. You will see selections for any skin problems. Here's the link for products that helps with dehydration and dryness problems we see recurring every winter. When choosing a skincare, I always go for a product with Vitamin C, i.e. Retinol Serum with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid with Vit. C. Vitamin C helps to keep our skin moisturized and keep it together. When we don't have enough, that's when our skin breaks. 

Willa's Skin Elixir is a new product they just launched. I thought of sharing this but I haven't tried this one yet. Let me know if you've tried this and comment below for your review. 

Don't forget! Drink lots of water and exercise regularly to combat that cabin fever!

3. Vegan Makeup

Sensitive skin's need doesn't have to be tricky anymore. There are a lot of vegan cosmetic lines out there you can try. Tarte Cosmetics is one company that I like that keeps true to their vegan collection.

EcoTools are your best bet when starting to go vegan. Their brushes are affordable and high quality and timelessly know to beauty bloggers. 

What are your best tips when keeping that winter glow? I would love to read your recommendations and tips and tricks. Always be happy and enjoy this winter season!



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Harmonious Number

Tonight we are under the classical music trance. Our date night consisted of Vaughan Williams, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky's wonderful music. We arrived early so we could watch the preparation and the tuning up and everything in between. As usual we were astounded by the talented Redlands Symphony Orchestra. The first number Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Ralph Vaughan Williams) instantly imported us to another world! Hubby knows more about the history of the different scores so while we're sitting there, the occasional whisper from him is expected. We had a joyous evening and we're looking forward to more classical music date nights.

What he's wearing: Fioravanti sports jacket, Geoffrey Beene button down, Kingsmen dress pants, ECCO shoes, Nordstrom necktie
What I'm wearing: Ci Sono by Cavalini pea coat, GUESS necklace, Worthington booties



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Awards Season

Awards Season

Tom Ford men's dress shoes

Alexander McQueen men s clothing
$1,555 -

Men's dress pants
$280 -

Valentino men s casual shirt
$350 -

Men s belt
$125 -

Tommy john

Graphite Gray Skinny Solid Color Neckties |

When it comes to award events, a little detail can go a long way by observant audiences all around the world. Timeless and classic, I opted for the black tie theme for this menswear ensemble that will likely be worn by the likes of Alex Pettyfer, Ansel Elgort and Logan Lerman. One can never go wrong with choosing black alexander McQueen tuxedo paired with stark white Valentino button down shirt, and formal dress pants. To tie it all together, a silver cufflink from Gilt with a watch face embellishment is a nice touch for the classy gentleman, a skinny tie to add a subtle image & so as not to cover most of the shirt and a nice leather belt with the silver buckle to match the cuff links will do the trick when accessorizing. The shoes are normally not seen but it polishes the look altogether so a time-honored sleek pair of Tom Ford shoes is a refining choice. A well-dressed person should also be comfortable so a great choice of underwear from Tommy John should be kept in mind. Design and style are fine as long as function is not set aside.

DIY Geometric Sunburst Mirror | From Nada to Ta-dah!

Sunburst mirrors are timeless and adds pizzaz to a blank wall. The sky is the limit for the design on the limbs of your sunburst (or starburst if you like!). I opted for a geometric and not to mention easy to find materials to start your very own sunburst mirror. I know it is my first time making one too and everything came out perfect! I'm planning to do more sunburst mirror that doesn't break the bank and fill my entire living room with them. Follow me to see my future designs!!!

Wood block (4 in. x 4 in.)
Square Glass Mirror Candleholders, 5"
Square Wall Stickers
Barbecue Dowels
E6000 Industrial Glue
Picture Hanger


1. With the wood block, find the middle and start gluing the barbecue dowels in four points like a cross then fill in between depending on how many you would like. I used 18 dowels.
2. Add your mosaic glass tile stickers. Peel off the protective film.
3. Add your picture hanger. 
4. Glue the big candle mirror holder in the middle and let it dry for a couple of hours before hanging.
5. Hang and enjoy!



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To The Bowling Game!

Hubby: Calvin Klein shirt, Cambridge Classics vest, Polo Ralph Lauren pants, Converse sneakers
Wifey: H&M sleepy shirt, GAP skirt, Keds shoes

Our first #OOTD post of the year! This was actually the very first day of 2016 and because hubby is not working we decided to go bowling and all that. We got a free hour to play because the Canyon Lanes was just jam packed with people and we couldn't get snacks so eventually they offered a free hour of game to us. We didn't take it but I really appreciate the nice customer service they gave us since it was our first time there too. It was a nicely weathered night for even though I didn't wear tights, the throttle around Desert Hills Premium Outlets was tolerable even though it was cold. 

My GAP skirt was actually found at Goodwill and I just love the classic blue lines - I then added a cute little bow to finish up the quirkiness of my sleepy eye top. By the way, the eyelashes are made of leather which makes it durable. H&M have quirky prints during winter and spring so grab yourself some cute sweaters! Hubby then again used his preppy vest and incorporated it with his white denim pants from Polo Ralph Lauren that complements his tall figure! His top is a formal dressy  Calvin Klein button down. That's what he likes to wear throughout winter.

How are you guys spending your first days this year? Don't forget to make it your best year yet! Happy happy 2016!!!!!



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