Subtle Crimson

What he's wearing: Versini suit (jacket and pants), Dan Sen polo shirt, Cambridge Classics sweater vest, ECCO shoes
What I'm wearing: Zara Sweater, Choies full skirt, Nine West boots

Christmas is coming! Loving the tender crispy north winds as we walk around, gathering pinecones (for our Christmas table), admiring the scenery, & just walking to and fro admiring Christmas decors in the neighborhood. That's right, that's one thing we were doing in these pictures aside from taking photos and videos. We were just done with church and Christmas programs by this time too. Hubby bought a new sweater vest to keep him a tad warm. Don't be fooled, we might not have a white Christmas but it is still chilly here everyday. I adore the ensemble that hubby did so much - and he's planning to match more of his shirts just for this vest alone. I think it is preppy and adds a classic style to everyday's wardrobe. Paired with a jacket and you got yourself a sharp outfit for church, work, business meeting and such. A simple way to keep warm and stylish! I myself went simple for my favorite full skirt. Armed with tights, boots and a coat (waiting in the car) this is my simplistic subtle style. 

Happy holidays!



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