DIY Cross Ornament | Christmas DIY!!!

Here's an easy Christmas ornament that you can make with your kids. We used foam meat tray that you can ask for free from your local grocery store. The pattern we used is from the book "The Christmas Spirit" back in 1990 so it is like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Furthermore, we wanted to use crosses to emphasize that Jesus is the reason for this season.

Foam meat tray - ask your grocer, they are free!
Exacto knife - or a small cardboard knife. Scissors will work as well.
Mod Podge - for priming & filling in the porous surface
Acrylic Paint 
Confetti/other design elements
Barbecue Dowels - poking holes
Floral Wire - as hanger

It is very easy to make so watch below for the full tutorial!



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