DIY Christmas Wreaths | Using Household Items You May Already Have!!!

Style #1: Clothespins Wreath

Style #2: Tablecloth & Tissue Wreath

Style #3: Scarf Wreath

Hello fellow DIYers. Christmas wreaths are one of the most traditional way to spruce up our homes for the holidays. If you fancy making a wreath from scratch, you can make your own clothespin wreath stacking them together like Jenga blocks. If you like a full printed one, you can use my idea from the style #2 and add your own creative flair by using just about anything that is flexible to wrap around your wreath. Want a cozy one? Then make a scarf/sweather wreath. These are all easy and affordable DIY wreaths that I have made for this past weeks. Watch the video below for all the full tutorials and steps and don't forget to thumbs up for all the hardwork (don't forget the mess) I have compiled for you. Remember we like to recycle so look around your house and turn those raw materials into beautiful wreaths!!!



  - Gift Princess


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