DIY Chalkboard Marquee Sign Display

Here's a rad mashup of two awesome DIYs. A marquee and chalkboard to highlight your quotations, sayings and whatnots. It is fast easy and affordable. Most of my materials either came from the dollar store (lights, chalk and marking tools) and thrift store (picture frame). The bigger the frame, the more you can play with it. I forgot to add ping-pong balls in the video so it is optional, other than that, it looks incredible with or without it. Just cut a small cross in a ping-pong ball to insert into the lights and instantly you have globe lights! 


Large picture frame w/ inner white border - Preferably with couple of layers to play with. If not, use pre-cut poster board or foam board.
Exacto knife/craft knife/cardboard box knife
Christmas lights - Dollar stores carry them and comes with 20 lights. Ideal for smaller frames. If you have larger photo frames, mass retail store lights come with 100 lights very cheaply.
Pencil - For marking.
Staple gun/nails and hammer - This is optional if you need more closure in the back to hold all the layers.

STEPS: Watch below for the steps and add your own unique style!!! :D



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