DIY Lucite Necklace

Clear plastic base - Anything from clear packaging tape, id plastic cover, plastic folder, transparent makeup bag etc. Look around your house, you might find something suitable.
Glue - I used industrial glue. Hot glue will be ideal too.
Scissors - To poke holes, cut your template etc.
Embellishments - Rhinestones, studs, beads, baubles, stones etc. Just about anything lightweight and pretty that can be glued is awesome!
Jewelry chain -I used gold for my necklaces. About 28 inches in length.
Findings - Jump rings to attach the chain & to add more adjustment feature for the clasp to hold onto. 
Lock - Lobster clasp is the ideal item. You can use also toggle clasp. Magnetic closure will be a little bit difficult if using a metallic chain.

Watch below how I made my necklaces so you can recreate your personal look. :)
#giftsdiy if you made one! :D



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