KAWAII DIY: Sprinkles Cake | Polymer Cake Tutorial

Get ready, it's "Kawaii Time". A mew mini-series in my Youtube channel. It explores thru my polymer clay crafting adventure. Next one up is a cute and easy sprinkles cake. You can put sprinkles on top, all over or just inside like what I did. Do whatever you want, the world is your oyster.


1. Polymer Clay - various colors. You don't need to buy a lot of them, if you want, you could do what I did. I bought red, blue, and yellow (primary colors) and white and flesh color. This is enough to mix different colors together. Experiment and you will end up with tons of new colors! Brands I used are Sculpey and Craftsmart.
2. Exacto knife - Steel craft knife for cutting the polymer clay cake. Use it to roll polymer clay too.
3. Eyepins
4. Needle tool - In my case I used a small crochet hook. Use it to texture cake.
5. Gloss/Varnish - Optional for those who love a glossy look. I prefer mine matte and in its original form.


Watch my video to learn how to make your very own charm!



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