Thai Mix (Orange County, CA) Restaurant Review

I rarely give restaurant reviews and I'm making an exception for this quaint restaurant in Orange County. Let me say one thing, this was the perfect getaway after the beach day we had. Everything here is warm and welcoming, from the staff to the food. We were super tired that night, not to mention starving. I ordered some chicken broth which soothes my cold system. For our main dish we did some rice of course - and they gave us heart shaped rice (too cute). The food presentation was fab, we almost didn't want to eat them. A line of chili and peppers are within reach to spice dishes up. Our dessert was delectable with the mango and sticky rice and is a perfect ending to a great meal. It was a fun evening as the staffs are also helpful and are always asking if we needed anything. Overall, we were both satisfied and our Asian senses are to the fullest so we really adore this place. 



  - Gift Princess


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