Runway On A Dime Boutique New Arrivals!!! | FALL 2015

Introducing 3 jewelries for one of our favorite woodland animal - DEER!!!

Shop them and more here:

Deer John (Gold)
A fun way to autumn-ize your outfit is by adding this cute deer necklace. You know what they say, wear something classy and quirky and you'll be sure to start conversations!

Shop URL: Deer John (Gold)

Deer John (Silver)
The silver counterpart. With it's higly contrasted hollow eyes and mouth, first words that come to mind are "edgy" and "punk". But on the contrary, you can wear it however you want!

Shop URL: Deer John (Silver)

Rad Antlers
Be you and be rad this fall. If you just want the antlers then this is for you. On a personal note, I have worn this a couple of times already and has gotten compliments!

Shop URL: Rad Antlers


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