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"I start to blush, you are my sugar rush..."

What I'm wearing: I.N.C. (Macy's) polo shirt, Forever 21 black tank, Charlotte Russe palazzo pants, Lucky brand shoes, New Look (ASOS) clutch, Charlotte Russe necklace

You know it's summer when you are required to wear something to make you cool (it is +100 degrees here) and beat the heat. Just kidding! But yes, I am quite excited with my quirky ice cream clutch from ASOS. I bought this a couple of months back and I believe, they are sold out right now. These and other food themed clutches are from the brand New Look, which is based in London. I can say that they are my ultimate clutch crush. I tried getting my hands on the donut and milkshake but it was sold out already by the time I saw somebody's blog about it.

New Look makes quirky clutches that are affordable. If you can't spend on Kate Spade's playful bags, I suggest you go with New Look. That's what I did anyway! What I love about this bag is that it's zipper is on the side and when you open it, it allows you to fill the whole clutch, making a 3D effect of a real ice cream. It really is a statement clutch and I had every kid's eye look at my bag one day when I was at a mall. Kids and adult ask me where I got it and it's so fun because it really starts conversations. I'm planning to wear more outfits with this (even in Fall) just because it is fun!!!

Have a cool & fun week y'all and thanks for dropping by! :D :D :D



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