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People say that we got the world one more night so we just have to forget about tomorrow. In a way, it is true and for impatient people like me, I just want to get tomorrow to come already. Before the day begins though, I like to watch the sunrise. The beautiful explosion of colors and gradients blending into one is the most miraculous natural art to witness day by day. Walls are blank canvasses waiting to be filled up. These days, it is worth looking up and seeing  Monet's "Sunrise" hanging there. Monet captured this centuries ago in this painting. The playful shades of orange that melts into the blue sky gives that bright and yet warm feeling. He is very good with shadings and light and every time I inspect his painting, I uncover something new. It is like layers and layers of creativity with the undertones and overtones with his swerve of colors.  The artist creates a picture of something in your mind's eye or in a dream. This is one of the funnest things about viewing an impressionist painting. You can tell what you're looking at but it is difficult to grasp it as a solid reality. We're truly delighted to have this particular painting sent to us because Monet was the grand master of impressionism.

Shipping: Our painting came in a large, flat and sturdy UPS box. Inside the painting was securely fastened with plastic strapping. It was easy to take out without damaging the product. It looked as if it contained a plasma screen TV but was easier to remove and install. It came with instruction on how to easily install the regular bars onto the walls for the correct mounting and leveling.

Product: I couldn't help but touch the painting at first glance. It definitely looked like I have a real painting in my hand. Upon further inspection from side to side, it is incredible to see the depths of the paint so real that you might think I have the original art. The expert craftsmen from Framed Art did really well as promised. They offer a lot of options with the painting finish and the frames. For mine, I chose a framed canvas with white satin flat front petite frame.

Framed Art has a variety of classic to modern arts dating from the early 1500s to today's art taste. You can make your house look like a European art museum, or Picasso's playground. The frames are customizable so you can have a Van Gogh "Accent" over the coffee table or Monet's "Water Lilies" dominating your parlour. 

But whether you are an impressionist imperialist, a Warholic, a ponderer of the polite smile of Mona Lisa, or just somebody who wants to impress dinner guests, Framed Art has a painting to suit your taste for art. 



  - Gift Princess

I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Opinions are my own.


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