Parisian Chic: Sunglass Organizer | DIY Video

I certainly welcomed spring with a few updates in our studio. Summer is gonna be here soon and with the abundance of sunglasses, I had to organize them in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. Our studio/office has been divided into two, that is my side and my hubby's side. We

I am all for visual and our walls are like blank canvasses waiting to be beautified. Making them was easy and with countless ideas in the internet and most of what I saw made them with either wires, cords, strings and such. I decided to add a little whimsy by using flowering garland. That is my guilty pleasure, flowers here and there. I wanted it to be different so adding the flowering garland was the way to go for that vintage vibe and feminine flair. For me, they make everything soft and dreamy and definitely brightens up a room and give anyone a smile and a cheer. 

Materials needed:

1. Wooden frame - preferably thick to accommodate sunglasses with ease.
2. Spray paint of choice
3. Flowering garland
4. Measuring tools such as ruler or tape measure and a pencil
5. Securing tools - I used hammer and nails for better stability



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