Orange You Glad | 3rd Anniversary PHOTOS

What I'm wearing: Lea & Michelle dress, Shoemint heels, Runway On A Dime necklace and GUESS watch

What hubby is wearing: Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, IZOD pants, ECCO shoes, Nautica sunglasses and Beverly Hills Polo Club watch

Wondering why I named this "Orange You Glad"? Well, it's not about the color of the dress which is actually orange-ish in real life but more towards salmon pink. But rather its because we are in Orange County, California. That's right, we spent our 3rd anniversary there. Although it is just for a weekend, we like to actually spend our anniversary for the whole month! So until now we still are celebrating! Yes, that's a tradition we are keeping and practicing. For our stay in California, I briefly and quickly shopped at Ross for a dress that I could wear all day whilst exploring the city we are staying and its neighborhood. So I was aimlessly looking at dresses when this caught my eye. And why wouldn't it when this was the color I used for my wedding! Alas, a salmon pink so perfect for our getaway trip. So comfortable and stylish that it was just made for that day. I love the accent drape style it has that just flows to the side and a gold bar that completes the look of the dress together. I busted out a gold bow heel that I bought last year and haven't worn yet and finally worn it for the first time. Of course I have to use my flats again for walking and strolling but here you will see the beauty of it.

So we visited Titanic's artifact exhibition museum in Buena Park and kinda dilly dallied around the city a bit because we mostly relaxed and enjoyed. I really did enjoy the Titanic museum. And we talked about it for weeks! You really feel a connection to it after visiting that place. In fact, you can watch our vlog for that day below. We weren't allowed pictures but it was really great and beautiful inside like you were inside the Titanic! Overall, I enjoyed my time with my handsomely gentleman hubby and I thank God for 3 years of marriage. :)

I wish you all the best too if you are married and reading this or in the future when you will. Being married to the one you love is the best experience you will have. Not always a smooth road but when Christ is in between, you will always manage more than you expect.




                        - Gift Princess


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