Glad For Plaid

What I'm wearing: Hello Miss plaid dress, Susie's Deals leggings, House of Stilettos heels, Forever 21 purse, Kate Spade bauble earrings, GUESS watch and heart charm bangle, Baublebar rose gold bangle and Max and Chloe pink cord with rhinestone bracelet.

Heart's week was indeed a busy week at work and all those lovely shenanigans. And so to contribute, I wore a blue-pink combo to work and events. The vintage vibe of the turquoise plaid led me to add pink accents since it is Valentine's week and as some others say the whole month! The weather was ridiculously awesome and what better way to say "hello" to spring than to wear bright schemed outfits. And so I also wore my favorite Kate Spade bauble earrings - super bright pink that the people (and even strangers) around me complimented my combo for that day. Awesome, right? The "arm candy" trend is one thing I am so excited for too - stacks and stacks for colors and metallic make me giddy and happy and all those lovely things! 

Check out my Youtube channel for upcoming colorful DIYs and more for Spring. Love you all for always supporting my work! :)



- Gift Princess


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