Black and White Chevron

What I'm wearing: Piperlime chevron dress, Calvin Klein tights, Nine West boots and Dope Choice cardigan

It is a bit unusual when we always drive up to Palm Springs that I always catch a glance of this giant spider. At first, me and the hubby thought it was a tiny amusement park for kids to play with since this is close to a Jack In The Box fast food restaurant. Weeks passed 'til we can't take it no more - we really had to see it up close! So upon closer inspection we found out its actually a Volkswagen Beetle car! To satisfy our curiosity, we took hundreds of pictures (exaggerating much) and tried to get in but soon discovered it is a private property. So as you can see from the pictures, we were just outside the boulder border. I think it is so cool to see this hidden gem in a dessert! The place looks run down but the "beetle spider" gives it an awesome vibe nevertheless.

Since it is technically winter, I opted to wear something still grayish and black. This chevron dress from Piperlime is so pretty. My friends even said it is a bold print, makes you just want to stare at it! Anyway, the winds blowing here in the desert is cool, so this dress, with fabric on the thick side, is still a good wear for the season. I dressed it down by simply wearing tights and boots and gray cardigan with studs.

Here are pictures of hubby with "beetle spider". 



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