Statement Necklace Giveaway [Runway On A Dime Jewelry Boutique]

Hello my dumplings! I just opened a jewelry boutique in Opensky. As a result, I wanted to give one of my necklaces away for the loyal subscribers and if you're new, you are welcome as well. My jewelry boutique contains high quality handcrafted necklaces from other artisans that I curated.  Mostly everything will be a statement accessory mixed with a flair or quirky and dainty pieces as well. Be sure to follow along as our inventory grows. I will announce our official website next time, for now, feel free to follow us on Opensky! :)

Join below using the rafflecopter. Giveaway will be international for 18+ year old and if younger, please ask your parent's permission first. Email address will only be used to contact the winner.

Love more giveaways? Subscribe to my Youtube channel where in random videos I post some surprise giveaways! :)

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- Gift Princess


Snowfazam Holmes said...

So nice!! Love it thanx!!

kawaii coolpotato said...

i entered ^^ thanx

susie said...

pretty. would luv to win it. ty

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