Youtube's Latest: End of Summer Sale haul, DIY 3d Butterfly Wall Art & singing Inside Your Heaven :)

I bring you another room and home decor to spruce up your wall or shelves and tables. This one is easy and fun to make. I opted to make tiny butterflies but you can always make bigger ones if you prefer that. Watch how I've done mine to get an idea - you can always paint the background. Don't forget to put your own personal creativity to help make it mix and match with your theme. 

And as usual, products and infos are listed in the video and in the description bar there. Make sure to subscribe so you won't miss a video. I have lots of exciting DIYs to show you!

Love hauls? Then you can check out the latest haul that I have on my channel. I talked about fashion, home decor, crafts and more! Comment what you love and your channel so I could check out your videos!

Lastly, the latest singing I have in my channel - check it out. :) I sing, do crafts, ramble about fashion and beauty in my channel so make sure you check out playlists - they are subdivided into the diff. categories.

 You can also search my other living room singing session with the keyword 'sing with Gift' or check out this playlist:


Have a great weekend everyone! 

Be fashionable, beautiful and God bless!



- Gift Princess


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