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I have partnered with TBDress to clue you in with their array of bridesmaid dresses. If you are on the market for affordable bridesmaid dresses then this is right up your alley. They have a varied display of ready made dresses without the hassle. You can even ask them for a different palette of colors, themes and even accessories to add on the gowns themselves. I can never emphasize more that color is the most important thing to consider for the bridesmaid dresses. Keep in mind that your bridesmaid has autonomous decision too so best decide with them what they will want to wear.

Here you will see my top picks naming them with their appropriate color scheme and hopefully it will help & enlighten you with your wedding decisions. And when you are done, your bridesmaids will forever cherish your thoughtfulness.

Cornflower Blue

For the wedding with soft pastel themes, this baby blue gown with creamy gold embellishments is the flawless match for the bride's radiant fairness. 

Vintage Spring

Spring weddings are the classic choice for the blooming chapter of your life. What better way to celebrate it than with a hint of green paired with colorful bouquet of flowers. 

Lavender Maid

Angling toward fashion couture, this gown is a must have for a fashionista with is halter top & flowing mermaid skirt.

Blushing Grecian

For the blushing bride and the bridesmaids, this will transport you to a Grecian mood with the flowy drape accent.

Burgundy Express

Autumnal weddings are a positive choice because of the beautiful weather and gorgeous colors all around. Such a gown like this is appropriate & almost gives you a regal feeling. 

Downright Plum

Darker colors tend to lookà la mode, downright chic & you can basically intermix them with lighter colors to dramatize contrast. 

Candy Apple

For the bold at heart, a striking red to make everyone remember your wedding is definitely a must! Paint the town red with this dazzling gown - perfect for a Christmas holiday or summer to fall wedding occassions. 

Burlywood Satin

Brown, being a neutral color, can be combined with almost any hue. Blend with shades of orange for a fall wedding, shades of pink for spring & gold tones for a sophisticated chic theme.

Tiffany Blue

Feeling like having a mermaid wedding theme? Then I don't have to tell you twice that this gown will be an excellent fit to suit your enchanting desires.

Blue Violet Charm

Torn between blue and violet? No worries, this gown is for you. It is a splendid crossover between puprly and bluish themes. 

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FTC: Post for advertorial purposes in collaboration with TBDress. Not sponsored. :)


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