Born For Palms | Forever 21 Earrings Giveaway

What I'm wearing: Ross top, Target skirt, Shoedazzle bag, Forever 21 heels and earrings.

Have I told you before? I'm in the experimental mood for mixing and matching prints! Let's face it, sometimes, we just get bored of mixing plains and prints or sometimes it's just the simplicity of not finding anything that works in our closet. No worries, I got your back today and I will give you a tip when starting. In the picture, I basically paired a bright orange to my grey skirt so now we have contrasting colors. Secondly, my heart print top has a more scattered print so it compliments the busy floral skirt I have. So now we learned two lessons: mix loose print with a busy one then play with colors too! There are tons of ideas from fashion blogs online - I learned by just looking and researching. You know me guys, I don't want to be loud, so I opted for accessories that blends with my color scheme. Love my bag? I got it for only $10 at Shoedazzle! Check them out, they have great deals for shoes and bags.

And now for the giveaway! I will be giving away 3 Forever 21 daisy earrings, 3 winners each. Can you see it in the pictures? I love this earrings, they go so well with any outfit I wear and perfect for casual and laid back days. To join, simply enter in the rafflecopter below. As usual, this is open internationally to 18 years and above. And as usual, I will add little surprises with it!

Check out my Youtube giveaway too.

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- Gift Princess


silviabia said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! I absolutely love the bag and the sandals ;)

Dhes Borja said...

Wow..i totally love your look! nice heels!

valerie aguinaldo said...

Totes gorge :)

valerie aguinaldo said...

Totes gorge :)

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