Out Of This World | Bday 2014

What I'm wearing: Chaps top (thrift find), ModCloth full midi skirt (brand name Rock Steady), Forever 21 purse, Charlotte Russe necklace and Forever 21 heels.

I decided to wear my recent purchased vintage and geeky full midi skirt from ModCloth for my birthday ever since my hubby suggested eating at Ruby's Diner. The restaurant has a 1940s feel so why not dress a little vintage. Because the skirt is the main focus, I made up my mind to wear just a black top to be low key and cinch the middle with a brown vintage belt. And from there, I paired it with both nude fleshy colored heels and purse, nothing flashy at all. I especially like this skirt because it channels the inner geek and me. Truly ModCloth has some unique and quirky fashion pieces to die for!

Also added in this post are more photos of the Robotic Dinosaur Museum and corresponding vlog will me on my Youtube vlog channel.


- Gift Princess


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