Online Birthday Surprises (In My GMAIL)

In my little nook of the internet, that is my mail subscriptions in my gmail, I received interesting sites that offer discounts, coupons and freebies during your birthday month. Of course there is a lot out there that I have to discover but if you are an online shopping addict, maybe these few gems will interest you in your birthday! Just make sure you make an account and put down your birth date to make sure you receive an email from them. offers 15% discount and it's a personalized link that applies during checkout and can only be used once. has a freebie set waiting online or in stores! I'm gonna pick up mine in stores and for this year they have Make Up For Ever, yay! sent me a contest they do for people who have birthdays in a month. For this month they are giving away $50 Amazon cards. is another beauty site that offers double rewards on your birthday month. has a coupon ready to print for the birthday girl. I'm going to redeem mine in Wal-Mart. offered me 20% off, double reward points and a free sample on checkout.

Lastly, offers 35% off for a yearly subscription to get that brain exercise we need everyday!

What other birthday surprises have you received? Share it and let me know!



- Gift Princess


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